Top 5 Uses for Kraft Paper: From Packaging to Crafts

Top 5 Uses for Kraft Paper: From Packaging to Crafts

Ask any hobbyist, teacher, parent, or shopowner what they couldn’t be without when it comes to their supplies and kraft paper is likely to top the list.  Humble and reliable, kraft paper is a workhorse material that is hugely underrated. Made from wood pulp, it is strong, affordable, and surprisingly versatile. So move over cardboard boxes; kraft paper is proving its worth far beyond its packaging utility. 

To prove our point, here are the 5 best ways to incorporate this wonder paper into your life.

1. Packaging Champion

Of course, kraft paper excels in its traditional role: keeping your belongings safe and secure.  Its natural strength makes it ideal for wrapping fragile items, while its breathability keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.  

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2. Eco-Friendly Wrapping

Gift-giving doesn't have to cost the earth. 100% recyclable, kraft paper offers a stylish and sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Decorate your kraft paper packages with natural elements like twine, dried flowers, or rosemary sprigs for a touch of rustic charm. This creates a beautiful handmade presentation that's kind to the environment.

3. Craft Corner Companion

Unleash your inner artist with kraft paper! This affordable material is a blank canvas for endless creative possibilities. Use it for sketching, drawing, or creating collages. Kids will love the expansive surface area for finger painting, creating murals, or designing personalised wrapping paper. Kraft paper's neutral tone is also perfect for scrapbooking or creating custom gift tags.

4. Protective Powerhouse

When it comes to protecting surfaces, kraft paper is your friend. During DIY projects, lay down kraft paper sheets to shield floors and furniture from paint splatters or spilt glue.  Moving? Kraft paper can be used to wrap furniture for added protection during transportation.

5. Tablecloth Twister

Kraft paper is a fun and unexpected choice for a casual and creative tablescape. Unroll a long sheet of kraft paper down the centre of the table for a kid's birthday party. Provide crayons or markers, and let the artistic expression begin! Guests can draw, doodle, or write messages directly on the tablecloth, creating a unique and interactive centrepiece.

Bonus Tip:  Turn leftover kraft paper scraps into confetti! Simply punch out various shapes with a hole punch and have a festive decoration for parties or gift wrapping.

Get Creative With Kraft Paper

Next time you reach for packing materials or craft supplies, consider the endless possibilities of kraft paper. Its versatility makes it a must-have for every household. 

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